Anvil Assault Development Update

Aug 28

  Hey, Patrick here. So, Anvil Assault! Remember that game? Well if you know me personally, you know that it has been my pet project. If you don’t know me personally, well then the answer is probably “no”, but it’s okay- I still love you! I just wanted to give everybody an update on what has been happening regarding Anvil Assault. Because I’m the primary contributor to Anvil Assault, it’s closely tied to what is

Anvil Assault Greenlit!!!

Jun 01

Wow! Was totally not expecting that! I’d like to thank all who voted, you guys are awesome! Well, this is the beginning a a long journey for Friday Game Studios. We’ll be making the transition over from the engine I wrote to Unreal Engine. Benefits will be: better graphics, better performance, and better cross-platform support. We will also start posting regular updates on how the game is going, more on that as we settle in!