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"We believe that video games have more artistic potential. We just happen to make games in support of that belief."

Patrick Worthey Co-Founder, Friday Game Studios Inc.

Steam Greenlight Trailer

Getting greenlit on Steam for our game, Anvil Assualt, is a huge step forward for us and what we want to accomplish at Friday Game Studios. We have multiple projects at different stages of development, but Anvil Assault will be our debut title. It is our first step towards our life-long goal of leaving a positive impact on the video game industry and the world surrounding it. ~Adam Dodgen, Co-Founder of Friday Game Studios Inc.

Steam Greenlight Page

Anvil Assault: Atomic Alien Annihilation

Friday Game Studios presents Anvil Assault: Atomic Alien Annihilation! Our first title! It is to be released on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. For more information about Anvil Assault, enter our universe!

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